10th September 2018 Meeting Minutes


MINUTES of MEETING held on 10th September 2018


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant, J. Lucy, A. Jones , P. Jackson, M. Ball & W. Kemp (District Councillor)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from J. O’Leary, J. Seaward & M.Stone ( District Councillor)
  2.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. S. Hannant declared an interest in Mill Lane clearance
  • MNUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETINGS held on 13th August 2018 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings


    1. Proposed by J. Lucy seconded by A. Jones
  • COUNTY/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS, COMMUNITY POLICING, LOCAL RESPONSIBILITIES -– REPORTS / INFORMATION.W.Kemp arrived late but had e-mailed information on agenda items.E-mail received and circulated. Need to respond to her request for further information on Hall Farm corner flooding. Clerk to respond.Monthly e-mail received and circulatedPop up Garage sale this coming weekend for fund raising.


    1. Village Hall
    2. Police
    3. County Councillor
    4. District Councillor
  • MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF P.C. ASSETSFurther requests for funding from infrastructure levy received from shop and church room.Agreed at previous meeting to employ mole catcher if required this year. Not yet required?To progress removal of telephone box on Beccles rd. W. Kemp offered to investigate on our behalf.


  1.  Mill lane is in need of clearance.  Agreed that the PC employ local contractors to do this work (£150 quoted) proposed by M. Ball seconded by A. Jones
  2. Suggestion that benches/notice board on Beccles rd need attention/painting. Offer by resident to paint benches to be progressed.
  3. Relative to this PC have received a cheque from the playing field association for £1695 from their funds following agreement that this organisation be disbanded. There will be a final meeting at which a draw will be held to finalise the 100 club.
  4. Items from this year’s play area inspection include pathway edges and surfacing on toddler area. Quotes received for the resurfacing /repair of the toddler area etc. At a previous meeting, it was agreed to postpone any decision until we receive further infrastructure levy payments from the Beccles Rd development.
  1. HIGHWAY/TRAFFIC CALMING/FOOTPATH MATTERSComplaint received regarding large lorries using low road to deliver wood and damage this is causing to road and road edges. Clerk to communicate with highways.
  2. Still need to progress long term solution to flooding on Hall Farm corner. Clerk to respond to Margaret Stone’s e-mail.
  • PLANNINGThe naming of road through new Beccles Rd development (Woodhouse Way suggested) Discuss with W. Kemp as to who makes this decision.


  1. WI request for placement of memorial bench and planting of a tree on the Beccles Rd development amenity area discussed. WI celebrate their century anniversary in 2020. The PC  will progress this request when aware as who is  responsible for this area after development is complete. Clerk to communicate with WI in this respect.
  2. Temporary planning permission for dog kennels has expired. SNC are considering enforcement action.

Community Heartbeat            Battery for defibrillator                       £235.00

Norfolk Copiers                      Monthly copy charge                          £15.13

Proposed by M.Ball and seconded by J. Lucy that cheque payments be authorised.

Income from playing field association £1695

  • COMMUNICATION In short term we need to communicate with individuals/organizations that we include contact details on our web-site and ensure they are happy with the disclosure of this information.We do not need to appoint a Data protection officer


  1. We also need to agree a policy statement. I will produce one for next meeting.
  2.  Information on requirements of new Data protection acts (May 2018) to be progressed
  3. GENERAL DISCUSSION  NOB meeting closed at 8.15pmSigned………………………………………………….Date……………………..
  4. DATE OF NEXT MEETING October 8th 2018
  5. Problems with lorry use of lane/footpath to side of new development to be communicated to developers. Articles to October newsletter to include dog poo, shop etc.
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