9th April 2018 Meeting Minutes

MINUTES of MEETING held on 9th April 2018


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant, M. Ball, J. Lucy,  A. Jones , J. O’Leary, W. Kemp (District Councillor)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from J. Seaward, P. Jackson & M.Stone (County Councillor)
  2.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. None declared
  • MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETINGS held on 12th March 2018 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings


    1. Proposed by A.Jones seconded by  J.O’Leary.
  • COUNTY/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS, COMMUNITY POLICING, LOCAL ORGANISATIONS, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES -– REPORTS / INFORMATION.M. Stone (County Councillor) will be elected as Chairman on NCC this year. Clerk to send congratulations.Village Hall Scaffolding for roofing repairs is being installed.


    1. School John Seaward is monitoring situation on the Parish Councils behalf.
    2. W. Kemp (District Councillor) had nothing specific to report.
  • MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF P.C. ASSETSReplacement boat seat assembly received and fitted Thanks to M.Ball.To progress removal of telephone box on Beccles rd. Await communication as to responsibility.SNC have offered a reduction in Dog Bin emptying charge if we revert to one collection per week. Clerk has taken up the offer of reduction in costs providing if this causes a problem we can revert quickly to two collections.


  1. Litter pick this Wednesday arranged. Equipment should arrive tomorrow.
  2. Suggestion that benches/notice board on Beccles rd need attention/painting. Offer by resident to paint benches to be progressed.
  3. Items from last year’s play area inspection include pathway edges and surfacing on toddler area. Quotes received for the resurfacing /repair of the toddler area etc. At a previous meeting, it was agreed to postpone any decision until we receive further infrastructure levy payments from the Beccles Rd development.
  2. Problems with flooding on Hall farm corner are ongoing. Recent problem resolved by flushing out culverts. Rain on the weekend at beginning of April did cause flooding but this cleared fairly quickly as soon as rain stopped. Clerk is unhappy with lack of response from Highways. He has asked if there is a long-term solution other flushing out culverts on a regular basis. He also asked if there was a possibility of periodic rangers visits to clear culverts if there is no long-term solution. He also attempted to obtain information regarding purchase cost and legality of placement of flood warning signs. Little or no response received.
  • PLANNINGPlanning application 2018/0519 for 2 storey extensions to rear of 1 Queens Head Close and single storey extension continued to the side of the 2-storey extension. Approved.


  1. Planning application 2018/0502 for erection of single storey two-bedroom dwelling on land to South East of Beccles Road, Thurlton considered. Approved with comments that the responsibility for maintenance of the lane should be resolved.
  1. Cook Clerks Wage & half BT £479.66

HMRC                                    Clerks Tax                                           £100.75

NALC                                     Subscription and web site hosting      £201.97

Proposed by  J. O’Leary and seconded by A. Jones that cheque payments be authorised.

Request for a donation from Norfolk age UK. Was considered. Proposed by J. O’Leary seconded by J.Lucy that we donate £30 agreed.

Applying for exempt status from annual audit was considered. We still have to have the internal audit by an independent auditor and would need to reinstate our own internal audit but would not have to sent audit returns and pay audit fee. Information we would have sent to the auditor would have to be posted to our website. Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by A. Jones that we apply for exempt status agreed.



E-mail from Heather suggesting wind up of the Playing Field Assn and 100 club and transfer funds to PC for maintenance of play area to be progressed.


Information on requirements of new Data protection acts (May 2018) to be progressed

Data  protection bill going through parliament and should come into effect on 28th May. The PC needs to adopt a Data protection policy (model versions available) and appoint a Data Protection Officer (Clerk suggested). In short term we need to communicate with individuals/organisations that we include contact details on our web-site and ensure they are happy with the disclosure of this information. Ideal time to do this would be when we send out invitations to the Parish meeting.    .

Articles to newsletter to include May Parish Meeting, Shop, Litter pick,  collection of dog poo changes etc.



Agreed to send Chairman’s response to e-mails regarding disabled access.

Agreed that response to request for opinion on Street Lighting on Beccles Road development is that Parish Council do not want any form of street lighting on this development.

        DATE OF NEXT MEETING May 14th 2018 (AGM & Parish Meeting)


NOB meeting closed at 8.15pm



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