8th January 2018 Minutes


MINUTES of MEETING held on 8th January 2018


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant. P. Jackson, J. Seaward, M. Ball, J. Lucy,  A. Jones , J. O’Leary, W. Kemp (District Councillor)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from M. Stone (County Councillor)


  2.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. J. Seaward declared an interest in TPO’s at Rosebank
  • MINUTES OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETINGS held on 11th December 2017 were  agreed as a true representation of meeting


    1. Proposed by P. Jackson seconded by M. Ball
  • COUNTY/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS, COMMUNITY POLICING, LOCAL ORGANISATIONS, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES -– REPORTS / INFORMATION.W. Kemp (District Councillor) commented on Hales roundabout work on which should commence shortly and plastic recycling.  


    1. M. Stone (County Councillor) had sent an e-mail which had been circulated. Potential increase of 5% in council tax.
    2. No report from Police
  • MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF P.C. ASSETSWorking party in December at which goal posts were moved and top soil applied to areas of wear. Review of situation required to see if further top soil and seeding/turfing required. We will receive a donation in the new year to help with this work from Rav Fair (£200)Installation of benches on the amenity area at top of Links Way discussed. Working party arranged for Saturday 20th January at 10am. Clerk to get two bags of postcrete.   Memorial plaques to be organised after benches in place  Removal of telephone box cabinet on Beccles Road should occur in the near future.


  1. Suggested that benches/notice board on Beccles Road need attention/painting. Working party to be arranged later in the year.
  2.  Await Beccles company to remove fence panels, blasting and powder coating and replacement. Early in new year. Quote for £3250 +VAT includes the firm doing removal of panels and replacement with anti-theft bolts etc was agreed
  3. Items from last year’s play area inspection include pathway edges and surfacing on toddler area. Quotes received for the resurfacing /repair of the toddler area etc. At a previous meeting, it was agreed to postpone any decision until we receive further infrastructure levy payments from the Beccles Rd development.
  1. HIGHWAY/TRAFFIC CALMING/FOOTPATH MATTERSProblems with flooding on Hall farm corner are ongoing. Clerk has reported to highways, e-mailed M.Stone and also asked if rangers can help.
  2. Possibility of applying for grant from M. Stones  fund suggested. Purchase of flood signs suggested. Clerk to check cost.
  3. Second phase of tree clearance on Church Footpath to be progressed (£80 quoted)


  1. TPO’s on two Oaks at Rosebank have been confirmed.
  1. Cook Clerks Wages and half BT £477.59

HMRC                        Clerks Tax                                                       £100.75

NPFA                          Subscription                                                    £20.00

Proposed by J. Lucy and seconded by M. Ball that cheque payments be authorised.

It was agreed at a previous meeting that PC would apply for a precept of £6000 for 2018/19. The precept application form shows the precept as total requirement (£6000) less the SNC grant of £60 (ie £5940). S. Hannant signed precept application form. The figures will show a percentage reduction in the PC content of the Council Tax Bill for 2018/19.



Information on requirements of new Data protection acts (May 2018) to be progressed

.           Articles to newsletter to include shop. Reporting potholes, floods, precept etc

Distribution of agenda and  possibly draft newsletter by e-mail was agreed. Clerk to progress.



No items put forward for inclusion on a future agenda.





NOB meeting closed at 7.55pm



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