11th December 2017 Minutes


MINUTES of MEETING held on 11th December 2017


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), P. Jackson, J. Seaward, M. Ball, J. Lucy,  J. O’Leary, & M. Stone (County Councillor) (arrived late)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from S. Hannant & A. Jones

As vice chair J. O, Leary took the chair.

  2.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. None declared
  • MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETINGS held on 13th November 2017 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings


    1. Proposed by M. Ball seconded by J. Lucy
  • COUNTY/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS, COMMUNITY POLICING, LOCAL ORGANISATIONS, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES -– REPORTS / INFORMATION.M. Stone (County Councillor) gave a report later which included:- Hales roundabout should start in January. Loddon roundabout is delayed but could commence in summer 2018. Infrastructure projects including 3rd river crossing in Gt Yarmouth have been given go ahead. Bed blockages still a problem. Increased number of retained firefighters in progress. She has funding to support small highways improvement projects.  Most of electrical problems in Village Hall have been resolved.


    1. John Seaward is monitoring school situation on the Parish Councils behalf. Nothing to report
    2. No report from Police or W. Kemp.
  • MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF P.C. ASSETSWorking party in December at which goal posts were moved and top soil applied to areas of wear. Review of situation required to see if further top soil and seeding/turfing required. We will receive a donation in the new year to help with this work from Rav Fair (£200)With regard to planned maintenance of the playing field it was agreed to ask C. Barber to scarify playing field again this year.      The removal of telephone box cabinet on Beccles road should occur in the near future now consultation period is finished.


  1. It was agreed that a working party will be arranged in the new year to install benches on the amenity area at top of Links Way. Memorial plaques to be organised after benches in place. It was also suggested that other benches need repainting/maintenance
  2.  Await Beccles company to remove fence panels, blasting and powder coating and replacement. Early in new year. Quote for £3250 +VAT includes the firm doing removal of panels and replacement with anti-theft bolts etc has been agreed. When this occurs J. Seaward offered to install security tape around site.
  3. Items from this year’s play area inspection include pathway edges and surfacing on toddler area. Quotes received for the resurfacing /repair of the toddler area etc. At a previous meeting, it was agreed to postpone any decision until we receive potential further infrastructure levy payments from the Beccles Rd development.
  1. HIGHWAY/TRAFFIC CALMING/FOOTPATH MATTERSFlooding to Hall Farm corner and from rain water drains above top of Sandy Lane to be reported.
  2. Second phase of tree clearance on Church Footpath to be progressed (£80 quoted)


  1. The  planning application from Crossways Farm, Loddon Rd for upgrades to wastewater treatment works facility (NCC planning application number C/7/2017/7016) was considered. Agreed that the PC make no comment and rely on expertise within the Planning department to determine the outcome of this application.
  2. The planning application for replacement of two front doors at the Old White House (listed building) Low Rd, Thurlton was considered. Proposed by J. Seaward seconded by J. O’Leary that this application be approved

SNC                            Dog bins annual charge                                  £360.00

SLCC                          Subscription                                                    £72.00

  1. Cook Top Soil/Petty Cash/LCPAS documents £77.94

T&DALGA                Contribution to annual social                          £50.00

NT&TVH                    2018 Hire of hall + 23.10.17 meeting             £149.50

  1. Robertshaw Wardens Wages £18.75

Proposed by M. Ball and seconded by P. Jackson that cheque payments be authorised.



Information on requirements of new Data protection acts (May 2018) received. Clerk to investigate but appears all contacts on our website will have to sign some sort of declaration with regard to the disclosure of their personal information. Also applies to Councillors and allotment holders etc

No January Newsletter.



Meeting dates for 2018 agreed.




NOB meeting closed at 8.10pm



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