9th October 2017 Minutes


MINUTES of MEETING held on 9th October 2017


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant , P. Jackson, J. Seaward, M. Ball,  A. Jones , J. O’Leary, W. Kemp (District Councillor) & M. Stone (County Councillor)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies received from J. Lucy
  2.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. S. Hannant declared an interest in the Beccles Rd development.
  • MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETING held on 11th September 2017 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings


    1. Proposed by M. Ball seconded by A. Jones
  • COUNTY/DISTRICT COUNCILLORS, COMMUNITY POLICING, LOCAL ORGANISATIONS, CLUBS AND INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES -– REPORTS / INFORMATION.W. Kemp (District Councillor) reported on recent eventsSchool. John Seaward is monitoring situation on the Parish Councils behalf. Nothing to report.


    1. Village Hall Problems with boiler being resolved. Hedge to Beccles Rd has been trimmed.
    2. M. Stone (County Councillor) had sent an e-mail which had been circulated to Councillors. She summarised content of e-mail and asked that P.C. forward their conclusions on the revised planning application for the Beccles Rd development as soon as possible
    3. Police.  E- Mail received and forwarded to Councillors
  • MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF P.C. ASSETSWe do need to resolve one or two other issues from this year’s inspection report particularly removal of stones from goal post areas and/or move goal posts. Working party to be organised. Clerk to check availability of and price of ton bags of topsoil to fill in areas to front of goal posts£1850 quote involves PC arranging for removal of fence panels and subsequent reassembly. Quote for £3250 includes the firm doing removal of panels and replacement with anti-theft bolts. Buckenham recommends blasted, zinced and powder coated solution. Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by J. O’Leary that P.C. accept £3250 quotation. All agreed. Project to be financed from this year’s infrastructure levy.To progress provision of benches to the amenity area at top of Links Way. Benches have been received and are on Clerks garage drive. We need 4 bags of postcrete for this job S. Hannant has 2 left over from a previous job.  Clerk to organise.  Memorial plaques to be organised after benches in place     


  1. To progress removal of telephone box on Beccles rd. Just the cabinet to be removed which should happen after the consultation period ends in December.
  2. Update/suggestions re planned maintenance of the playing field discussed. Edges to playing field need attention. Suggestion of spreading compost over field to be progressed.
  3. Quotes received for preparation and painting of the fencing around Toddler area. Quotes also received for removal of fence panels blasting, powder coating and replacement
  4. Items from this year’s play area inspection include pathway edges and surfacing on toddler area, goal posts etc Quotes received for the resurfacing /repair of the toddler area etc. At a previous meeting, it was agreed to postpone any decision until we receive further infrastructure levy payments from the Beccles Rd development.
  1. HIGHWAY/TRAFFIC CALMING/FOOTPATH MATTERSS . Hannant has completed first phase of fallen tree/foliage obstruction on footpath by Church. Second phase to be progressed  (£80 quoted)
  2. To consider any outstanding Highway/Footpath matters
  • PLANNINGPlanning application 2017/2302 received today for changes to Beccles Rd developmentPlanning application 2017/1971 from Mrs McGregor 9, Links Way has been approved by SNC


  1. Agreed that we need a separate meeting to discuss these applications. Clerk to arrange for 23rd October.
  2. Planning application 2017/2292 received on Friday. Retrospective application as work already underway Mr Chuck was led to believe by SNC that this was permitted development. However, enforcement officer has said it needs PP because of the original single storey extension.

CPRE                                      Subscription                                        £36.00

Wybone                                   Benches for amenity area                   £792.50

  1. Barber Grounds Maintenance £800.00
  2. Cook Clerks Wages £402.98

HMRC                                    Clerks Tax                                           £100.75

  1. Hannant Tree Removal £50.00

Rav Group Mag                      Newsletter insertions                           £50.00

Norfolk Copiers                      Copies charge                                      £29.53

Proposed by P. Jackson and seconded by A. Jones that cheque payments be authorised.




No other communications received other than that on circulation.

Articles for November Newsletter. To include Youth Club. CAN fuel buying scheme, Countryside alliance awards 2017. Christmas scam and congratulations for improvement with regard to dog fouling etc



Nothing raised.






NOB meeting closed at 8.20pm



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