23rd October 2017 Minutes planning meeting




MINUTES of MEETING held on 23th October 2017


PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant , P. Jackson, J. Seaward, M. Ball,  J. Lucy,   A. Jones & J. O’Leary



  2. 3.PLANNING  Application 2017/2292 Proposed by A. Jones seconded by S.Hannant that PC approve this application. Response to include PC standard comments on lighting and a comment with regard to confusion over permitted development.
  3. Planning application 2017/2302. This is a revised application for the site on Beccles Rd which increases the number of properties to 30.The new application 2017/2302 layout is quite different to the original application and includes 3 extra dwellings but includes more bungalows in the site plan and a similar percentage of social housing (30%) In accordance with the Parish Council response to the original application and our meeting with the new developer the play area has been replaced by an open space with no play equipment.It was proposed by M. Ball seconded by J. O’Leary that the PC approve this application with standard comment regarding lighting, request that Public Right of Way be show on site plan and concerns of heavy goods traffic during construction period.
  4. To date there have been two public responses to the application who both object. One objector suggests that if it goes ahead the road through the development should be named Woodhouse Way or Close in memory of the family who owned and farmed this land for many years. There was a further public response approving the application.
  5. The original application for the site on Beccles Rd was 2014/2222 for 27 dwellings which received planning permission.
  6. Planning application 2017/2292 Retrospective application as work already underway Mr Chuck was led to believe by SNC that this was permitted development. However, enforcement officer has said it needs Planning Permission because of the original single storey extension. Overall, as can be seen on plans, land area of building reduces because of removal of conservatory. This is replaced by second storey extension over existing single storey extension.
  7.  Chairman asked for any declarations of interest. S. Hannant declared a personal interest in the Beccles Road development.
  1. CHEQUESCame & Co                             Parish council Insurance                     £1539.04Proposed by J. O’Leary seconded by P.Jackson that cheque payments be authorised.         DATE OF NEXT MEETING NOVEMBER  13th 2017 NOB meeting closed at 8.15pm
  4. It was agreed that Clerk could arrange signing of cheques outside of meeting as cheques and paperwork had not been prepared for signing at this meeting.
  5. Norfolk Copiers                      Lease of photocopies                          £71.82
  6. D. Robertshaw                        Wardens Wages                                  £26.25


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