10th February 2014 Minutes

MINUTES of MEETING held on 10th February 2014


PRESENT  C.Cook(Clerk), H. Longman,  S. Hannant ,  M. Ball,  J. Berry, J. O’Leary  L. Chenery   and  W. Kemp (District Councillor)

 1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from P. Jackson


 Chairperson asked for any declarations of interest. L. Chenery declared an interest in the Local Plan and it was therefore agreed that we attend to the cheques (Item 8), before Item 7 Planning.

  1. 3.    MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETING held on 13th January 2014 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings

Proposed by J. O’Leary seconded by  L. Chenery


E-mail report  from Police reporting no crimes and one incident.

W. Kemp (District Councillor) said information he has for P.C. is covered during the agenda


Still a few items to be resolved resulting from playing field annual inspection. Drilling of holes, on ball court, to resolve drainage problems to be progressed. There has been no contact regarding the placement of a memorial bench.


Dog litter is still a problem again specifically on Church Road, across the allotments and on Beccles   Road.  H. Longman has suggested a clean up session. There was an article in newsletter re the SNC big litter pick. Suggested that if this goes ahead we could incorporate this with dog litter clear up. Suggested that we arrange for 16th April meeting at 10 am at the Village Hall

A complaint has been received that one dog owner buries faeces under molehills. Clerk to write to dog owner suggesting he uses dog bins.

Suggestion has been made that we spray paint any new litter. Clerk to contact dog warden  for advice in this respect

  1. 7.      PLANNING

Development on the land at rear of the Queens Head awaits SNDC to come forward with proposed legal agreements regarding the improvements to the pub which would be a condition of any planning approval.

Planning application from Laurel Farm, Low Rd for installation of 216 ground mounted Photovoltaic Panels. Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by L. Chenery that we approve this application. All agreed.

L. Chenery left the meeting

The situation regarding the site specifics on the latest Local Plan consultation was discussed. SNC have not taken consideration of Parish Council’s preferences for smaller sites and  promote the 20 house option adjacent to College Rd. Response regarding the Parish Council smaller sites option of 17 properties was previously agreed and sent together with numerous letters of support from residents. H. Longman had a meeting  with Dick Smith, Adam Nicholls and Tim Barker, (Planning Policy team) to discuss the situation. As a result of this meeting H. Longman  put forward an alternative proposal that includes the land behind the affordable housing being considered (3/4 bungalows) to bring the Parish Council proposals to a similar number of properties to that in the SNC proposals.

Further discussions have suggested that we need to speak to the Inspector directly at the appropriate stage.

It was agreed  that the  SNC proposals are flawed, for a number of reasons, as too much weight has been given to the highways responses and the conviction that a larger site will be more ‘deliverable’ in the five year time frame.

It was agreed that H. Longman contact the Planning Policy team in this respect and speak to the Inspector at the appropriate stage to offer the suggestion of the site behind the affordable housing, as a way of achieving the 20 plus requirement, if this is the only option to avoid the estate development on Beccles Rd


C. Cook                       Photocopies Newsletter                                    £21.90

NTTVH                       Hire of Hall                                                       £9.50

K. Cox                         Wardens Wages                                               £27.34

T. Hannant                   Clearance  of  foliage etc on playing field           £50.00

Proposed by J. Berry seconded by M. Ball that cheque payments be authorised.

Agreed at previous a meeting that we would purchase bicycle racks (delivered) and benches for playing field. Purchase of benches to be progressed.

We asked for donations to finance a Defibrillator in an article in recent  newsletters and in letters to local organisations. To date we have promises of £1295.

Clerk is in process of applying for grant from British Heart Foundation for remaining funds. We need approval from local NHS and a referee to support our application as part of this process. This is being progressed..  


Credits for 2013 community composting have been applied for.


H. Longman will attend a funding seminar at SNDC tomorrow on behalf of the playing field for final completion of their works and for the Parish Council re other possible projects

March newsletter to include articles on Local Plan and funding seminar etc.


No items put forward

     12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 14th MARCH 2014


NOB meeting closed at 9.10pm



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