14th May 2012 AGM and Parish Meeting Minutes



            MINUTES of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on 14th May 2012

PRESENT C. Cook (Parish Clerk), H. Longman,J. Berry ,S. Hannant, P. Jackson ,M. Ball, J. O’Leary & L. Chenery

1.Apologies for absence.

None received.

2. Election of Chairperson.

Proposed by L. Chenery seconded by J. Berry that H. Longman be elected as Chairperson. No  other nominations so duly elected.

3. H. Longman signed declaration of office as Chairperson.

  1. 4.      Minutes of last A.G.M.

Proposed by S. Hannant  seconded by J. Berry  that the Minutes circulated are a true representation of meeting

5. Election of Officers.

Vice Chairman S. Hannant

Responsible Financial Officer C. Cook (Parish Clerk)

Planning Advisor H. Longman

PC representative(s) on Village Hall Committee J. O’Leary, M. Ball & H. Longman

PC representative(s) on Playing Field Assn H. Longman & P. Jackson.

PC representative(s) on Community Composting Steering Group P. Jackson & H. Longman

PC representative(s) on Good Neighbour project J. O’Leary

PC representative(s) on Rural Youth in Europe project H. Longman & M. Ball

PC representative(s) on Youth club Committee H. Longman &P. Jackson

Internal Auditors M. Ball & J. Berry

Cheque signatories L. Chenery J. Berry & H. Longman

Editor(s) of Newsletter Jointly

Play Area Warden K. Cox

Tree Warden J. Pennington

Emergency Co-ordinator B. Longman

Deputy Emergency Co-ordinator C. Hannant

6. Cheques.

     2.05.12                Countryside Supplies               Gate Posts for C.C.               £46.90

14.05.12     NTTVH                   Hire of Hall                            £9.50

14.05.12     Frolic                                   Donation                               £100.00

14.05.12     C. Cook                   Photocopies etc                                     £52.19

14.05.12               K. Cox                       Wardens Wages                    £26.35

14.05.12     C. Cook                   Goods for Community Cptg   £150.71

Authorisation of cheques proposed by L. Chenery  seconded by J. Berry.

  1. 7.      2011/12 Audit

Proposed by M. Ball seconded by J. O’Leary that the Accounting statement and Annual governance statement for Auditor be approved.


MINUTES of  PARISH MEETING held on 14th May 2012

PRESENT C. Cook (Parish Clerk), H. Longman,J. Berry ,S. Hannant, P. Jackson ,M. Ball, J. O’Leary  & L. Chenery W. Kemp (District Councillor)  and two members of the public

1.Apologies for absence received from A. Tomkinson (County Councillor)  

2.Parish Council Report. H. Longman reported results of AGM. Officers elected:- H. Longman (Chairperson), S. Hannant ( Vice Chairman) etc. She gave a report on the activities of the PC for the previous year and commented on ongoing projects and finances.

3.Reports from local organisations.

YOUTH CLUB Jenny Skelton outlined the new organisation and how the Youth Club will progress

COUNTY COUNCILLOR A. Tomkinson  had not been able to attend and referred us to his blog, which can be accessed via the Thurlton PC website on which there is a yearly report for all Parish Meetings

POLICE The Police attended our March and gave details of organisation and crime statistics.

MOTHERS UNION. Sarah Will had sent a report outlining last and coming year’s activities. Nick Will summarised.

CHURCH/PCC Nick Will gave a report on current situation with PCC membership and the Church Room utilisation etc

PLAY AREA ASSOCIATION Activities of the Play Area Assn had been included in the Chairpersons report

THURLTON AND DISTRICT W.I. The annual WI report was summarized.

THURLTON BOWLS CLUB Written report summarized

AMBLERS CLUB Martin Ball reported on the Amblers Club activities and programme

BALLROOM DANCING Martin Ball reported on the groups progress.

COMMUNITY COMPOSTING Paul Jackson reported the current progress on this project

TREE WARDEN Jeff Pennington had sent a written report of tree planting on allotment and school etc.

FROLIC The summer holiday Frolic will be resurrected this year

VILLAGE HALL Martin Ball updated the meeting of progress on Village Hall projects.

PLAYING FIELD WARDEN Heather recorded a vote of thanks to Kate Cox our Warden . Article to newsletter regarding the difficulty relating to small items eg sweet wrappers.

ALLOTMENT ASSOCIATION Chris Cook reported on their current projects

HORTICULTURAL CLUB Chris Cook reported on membership and programme

LINE DANCING CLUB A written report was summarized.

WEDNESDAY MORNING COFFEE CLUB Martin Ball reported this is now up and running.

GOOD NEIGHBOURS SCHEME John O’Leary gave a report on progress

YOUTH EXCHANGE Heather Longman updated the meeting on this years exchange

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR William Kemp summarised his annual report to Parish Councils

LITTER PICKING Martin Ball gave a short report.

EMERGENCY CO-ORDINATOR  Heather Longman commented that there has been  no communication from SNC recently.


N.O.B. meeting closed at 8.25pm


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