12th November 2012 Minutes

MINUTES of MEETING held on12th November 2012


PRESENT  C.Cook(Clerk), S. Hannant ,  J. Berry, M. Ball, P. Jackson,  L. Chenery, J. O’Leary, A. Tomkinson (County Councillor)  and  W. Kemp (District Councillor)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from H. Longman


Chairperson asked for any declarations of interest

L. Chenery declared an interest in the Local Plan

To consider granting dispensation to all Councillors until May 2015 with regard to setting precept.

Under the changes due to the Localism Act  to the Code of Conduct  there is a need for Councillors to record their Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI). Councillors have a DPI in the setting of the precept (item 8 on this agenda). A dispensation can be granted within the act based on the criteria that ‘granting the dispensation is in the interests of persons living in the authorities area’

Proposed by M. Ball seconded by J. Berry that dispensation is granted to all Councillors until May 2015 (date of next election) in respect to the setting of the precept. All agreed

  1. 2.    MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETING held on 8th October 2012 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings

Proposed by  J. Berry seconded by J. O’Leary


No reported crimes in October

W. Kemp (District Councillor) reported that SNC is investing in Street cleaning equipment and asked that Council reports any specific problems.

A. Tomkinson (CountyCouncillor) congratulated the Council on winning the WI forward to the future award, for the second consecutive year, in the Pride in Norfolk Awards. He commented that this would probably be his last visit to this Parish Council meeting. The Chairman thanked Tony for his help as ourCountyCouncillorover the years and wished him all the best for the future

Grant applications are in progress for Village Hall improvements and some of the plans are being modified.

The Good neighbourhood scheme is ongoing with a number of Parishioners taking advantage of help offered.

The Beccles and Bungay Community Transport Group proposal to apply for funds to finance community transport in the Loddon area was discussed. It was agreed that we include an article to next newsletter and write a letter of support.


The goal posts need repair. Ground levelling in front of goals await resolution of Mole problem. Edge detail of the Toddler Play area and repairs to the surface also need to be addressed as well as problem of the puddling on the Ball Court and line markings.

It is possible to purchase the chemicals to gas the moles and Jem Smith has the necessary qualification to carry out the work, (and has agreed to do so). It will be essential that the field is closed to people and dogs for four hours after the chemicals have been placed in the runs so we will need to arrange a working party at Jem’s convenience during a time when the field can be closed. A Friday morning was suggested, with warning signs placed and letters to all residents bordering field in case some of mole runs encroach on their gardens. An article to newsletter to inform parishioners of the PC intensions in this respect.

Bruce Longman has decided that he will use resin to repair the goal posts, and if this does not work, he thinks they should be replaced.

Sign for Playing Field and Village Hall on front bank of hall. The nominated recipient of the Volunteer Award was the PFA as they would like to purchase the sign. Heather Longman will progress design and manufacturers.

Recent heavy rain has resulted in most of the mesh being exposed onMill Laneand this is very slippery, wet or dry. In the short term permanent metal signs have been put in place to tell residents thatMill Laneis not suitable for pedestrian access. Longer term improvements toMill Laneand other options for disabled access to the Village Hall and Playing Field need to be progressed.

Kate Cox has reported that she regularly finds a carrier bag full of dog mess in untied bags in the waste bin by the Links   Wayaccess. Article in newsletter.

Suggestion of local businesses to sponsor the planting of Planters to be progressed.  Horticultural Club will plant and maintain


Flooding problems onBeccles Rd, Hall Farm Corner and at the Gazes junction have been reported to highways. No response as yet.

It was agreed that the Parish Council should apply for the loan of a SAM (Speed Awareness Machine) M. Ball will prepare an article for the newsletter.

  1. 7.      PLANNING

Site specifics within the Local Development framework.  PC response has been sent and recorded. Await further communication.


C. Cook                       Copies etc                                            £54.83

TA&LGA                    Allotment rent                                       £17.00

CPRE                          Subscription                                         £29.00

NTTVH                       Hire of Hall                                           £9.50

K. Cox                         Wardens wages                                    £30.95

Proposed by J. Berry seconded by P. Jackson that cheque payments be authorised.

Proposed by M. Ball seconded by P. Jackson  that budget issued with agenda and resulting precept of £6000 be agreed  for the 2013/2014 financial year. All agreed. It was suggested that some help towards insurance and running costs of the playing field facilities may be available from the PFA. W. Kemp (District Councillor) suggested that it is likely that increases in precept will be capped in the future.


There will be a final community composting collection for this year on 24th November for those who have requested a final collection.

Final grant payment for this years Youth exchange programme is still awaited.


Articles for December/January Newsletter detailed in the minutes. Display at Mill House for Halloween to be commended. Some vandalism occurred later.

Although not on agenda Clerk had prepared a list of meeting dates for 2013 which were agreed


No items raised for discussion.



NOB meeting closed at 8.50pm



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