14th November 2011 Minutes

        MINUTES of MEETING held on 14th November 2011

 PRESENT  C.Cook(Clerk),  H. Longman, S. Hannant ,  J. Berry, M. Ball, P. Jackson, J. O’Leary & W. Kemp

 Vice Chairman chaired the meeting for the first 15 minutes

  1. 1.      APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from L. Chenery, A. Tomkinson (County Councillor)  and apologies for late arrival from W. Kemp (District Councillor) 
  2. 2.       DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Chairperson asked for any declarations of interest. None declared
  3. 3.    MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETING held on 10th October 2011 were  agreed as a true representation of meetings

Proposed by M. Ball  seconded by J. Berry


At the September meeting Thurlton Parish Council meeting it was agreed that if we had to go independently as a separate service village our preferred options for sites are 1033, 1086 and 613a.

We have had communication from Norton PC following their meeting on Monday. Apparently their status cannot be changed so they have to respond independently.

Thurlton PC  response is therefore as above

Village Hall. Schedule of works to be prepared for costing

Church Room. H. Longman has e-mailed N. Will with regard to change of use and access. No response as yet.

Nothing to report on SAM training.

NCC good neighbour scheme. Evening open meeting next Monday was advertised in November newsletter and posters are in place.


We still need to install signs/notice boards, paths and more benches. Paul Arnold has offered to negotiate a price for these and also step in re the ball court surfacing, as a Fellow of the RS Civil Engineers, he will write a letter to be forwarded to SMP under ‘Latent Defects’ which is a ten year clause covering engineering works

Gate at top of Mill Lane to allow pedestrian access to the side was agreed at a previous meeting. Communication from WI raising concerns need to be addressed before progressing. Village Hall and Playing Field Assn need to be involved in this discussion.

Clerk has received complaint that Mill Lane slippery when wet. This is a recurring problem. Central concrete path, installed to help this situation is still in place. It was suggested that parishioners should be advised to use Hall steps during inclement weather. Article to Newsletter

 Items from ROSPA inspection which still needed attention were self close gates and the edges on toddler area. The gate post was concreted to fix which should have resolved problem. Weed Killer was applied to the edges and bulk of weeds removed.  B. Longman has designed a method for restraining the edges. This needs to be discussed and priced.

The petition presented to the last PC meeting asking for a Skate Park on the playing field needs to be progressed. It was suggested this is a project to be progressed by the Playing Field Assn. Article to newsletter to encourage parents of the Children asking for this facility to join PFA to help progress.

There has also been a request for adult play/outdoor gym equipment.


Complaint on state of footpath on Low Rd was discussed with Jessica Mace (owner of Mallards)  They are prepared to help with the maintenance of the footpath providing the ownership of the land on which the footpath is situated can be resolved. Their neighbour believes the land belongs to them. I have spoken to the footpath officer who will review the situation when time permits. No response  

 Outstanding potholes were reported together with hedge overgrowth on Beccles Rd opposite Queens Head. Most of pot holes have now been repaired. Following a letter some work was done to resolve the overgrowth problem. In the meantime Clerk had communicated with NCC Highways who have agreed to resolve the problem.

Complaint has been received re overgrowth of hedge at Thurlton House. Clerk to communicate with owners of property.

Complaint received about the condition of footpath between Factory Row and Hampton Ave. To be reported to Highways

 PC involvement in highway services (grass cutting, gritting & road sign cleaning etc) was discussed. Clerk to enquire with regard to remuneration for this type of work


Concern expressed over the infrastructure levies on new build and the minimal amount being given back to the area where development occurs.


NCC Planning              Planning Appl fees C. C.                       £170.00

C. Cook                       Photocopies/Ink/Weed Killer                £90.33

NTTVH                       Hire of Hall                                           £17.00

CPRE                          Subscription                                         £29.00

K. Cox                         Wardens wages                                    £42.56

Cheque for planning application for community composting was signed in between meetings as discussed at last meeting

Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by P. Jackson  that cheque payments be authorised.

Proposed by M. Ball seconded by S. Hannant that the  proposed budget, for 2012/13 and resulting precept of £6000, circulated with the agenda be agreed.


Planning application for Community Composting, on allotments, to be progressed. P. Arnold has further fencing available. It was agreed that this can be used for community composting area.

Environmental improvement grant is being used for installation of roof and cavity wall insulation by Aran Services. Awaiting update on how much of grant has been spent.

             Youth exchange programme expenditure discussed. Parish Council has supported this project with payments amounting to approximately £400. There are still some donations to be received which can be used to refund some of this expenditure. Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by P. Jackson that the Parish Council retrospectively donates any balance of the 2011 expenditure (approximately £200). Application for future funding is being progressed jointly with SNC and other partners. Haddiscoe P. C. has offered to donate £50 in their 2012/2013 financial year.    


Norfolk Accident Rescue request for funding to next agenda.

Articles for December newsletter to include Good Neighbour scheme, Playing Field Association need for new members/Skate park petition & Community Composting. Thanks to Horticultural Club and Paul Arnold for planters, the Hannants for taking on the shop. Happy Christmas and New Year


            No items for discussion

     12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 12th December 2011


NOB meeting closed at 8.30pm


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