8th August Minutes


        MINUTES of MEETING held on 8th August 2011

 PRESENT  C.Cook(Clerk),  H. Longman, J. Berry, M. Ball,  L. Chenery and W. Kemp(District Councillor)

  1. 1.      APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from P. Jackson, J. O’Leary,  S. Hannant & A. Tomkinson (County Councillor)

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Chairperson asked for any declarations of interest. L. Chenery declared an interest in Local Development framework.

  1. 3.    MINUTES  OF  THE PREVIOUS  MEETING held on 11th July 2011 were  agreed as a true representation of meeting. Proposed by J. Berry  seconded by L. Chenery


W. Kemp (District Councillor) reported on changes to planning policies. H. Longman to review and recommend response if required.

E-mail received from Police.   2 recorded crimes in July

Waiting for steering group meeting to discuss future of Church room.

The Hannants have taken over the management of the shop. N. Cambell will still run Post Office. Article to newsletter suggested.

The CIC will be formed so that it is ready to assist in the future should this be required.

M. Ball & H. Longman  reported on Village Hall projects

SAM training awaited.

It was agreed at last meeting that we invite representative from RCC to September meeting to explain NCC good neighbour scheme.  Lucinda Lenard will attend.

A request for comments on the current polling district, places and stations was discussed. There has been a complaint regarding disabled access to Norton Chapel and the gravel/ grass surface from the car parking is not compliant with access requirements. These problems can be resolved. Alternatives suggested for future consideration, if required, were Queens Head restaurant, Village Hall and Church Room. Both the Village Hall and Church Room would need to satisfy disabled access requirements.


We still need to install signs/notice boards, paths and more benches. Paul Arnold has offered to negotiate a price for these and also step in re the ball court surfacing, as a Fellow of the RS Civil Engineers, he will write a letter to be forwarded to SMP under ‘Latent Defects’ which is a ten year clause covering engineering works

Position of gate/fencing at top of Mill Lane was considered at working party.   Two posts and gate at top of Mill Lane to allow pedestrian access to the side suggested. P. Arnold has a gate available. Clerk to obtain details.

 Items from ROSPA inspection which still need attention are self close gates on toddler area.  Also the wet pour at edges need weeds removed and infill. It was suggested that we use weed killer/salt to clear weeds and then infill with resin.

Fete on 16th July was cancelled

H. Longman suggested that we hold a Parish Open Day in the autumn which we will use for the Parish Plan update and the opening of the playing field and as an information day on current projects we are progressing. The village hall could use this as a fund raiser and a ‘mini fete’ could be held if the weather is good. All organisations who would have been involved in the fete have been invited. End of October suggested.


Complaint on state of footpath on Low Rd was discussed with footpath officer. Although he agrees that this work is the responsibility of NCC there are no funds available. They are not sure whether any funding will be available next year. Letter to owners of land suggested.

Pot holes have been reported and some have been filled. Clerk to re-send information on remainder.

Hedge overgrowth opposite Queens Head to be reported as path no longer passable.


Question was raised at last meeting as to whether planning permission is required to remove/demolish a garage. Unless the property is listed, the answer is no.

The site specifics and proposals for Local Development Framework will be considered when the information is received.


Playing Field Assn        Donation                                              £1500

Raveningham Country Fair   Stalls                                             £40.00

Rav Mag                      Inserts to Magazine                               £50.00

NTTVH                       Hire of Hall                                           £8.50

Anglia Water                Allotments                                            £24.98

K. Cox                         Wardens wages                                    £17.79

Proposed by M. Ball seconded by H. Longman that cheque payments be authorised.


Awaiting proposals on potential sites for community composting. Once agreed, a planning application can be made. Information stall at country fair to be manned by Jim Lucy for volunteers, potential users etc, to sing up. Grant money has to be spent by February 2012.

Meeting was held at SNDC with Hethersett, Rockland St Mary and Thurlton PCs, as all have been awarded grant funding for environmental improvements. Aran services have been selected to install all. The PC will have to decide on criteria for allocating funds, bearing in mind that many households will qualify for free insulation. We will need to prepare a questionnaire/information leaflet which it was suggested should go out with the September newsletter. Aran services will produce this in liaison with us and I suggest that we circulate it with the draft newsletter for final approval.

The PC submits a list of those wishing to take up the offer to Aran services and they will survey the houses, establishing those who qualify for free insulation. The final bills are submitted to SNDC who will handle all payments.

One point made was that it will be necessary for lofts to be cleared before installation and I would suggest that the PC can help to do this for the elderly or disabled with a team of volunteers, (Aran will do this but there would be an extra charge of around £40 for this).

Youth exchange programme A very productive meeting took place with SNDC, Armana Handley, William Kemp, NRCC, Henry Meiklejohn and H. Longman  to agree joint working for the exchange next year. Progress on the plans will be given at the September meeting and information will be on display at the Country Fair.


NRCC have requested we circulate details of available help for digital switch over. Leaflets, on Country Fair stall suggested.

Articles for September newsletter to include Norfolk together in time, SJA training, Norfolk safe and secure, Youth exchange, stalls at Country Fair, insulation grants, changes in shop etc


      It was agreed to change circulation to include L. Chenery’s new address and to       make chairperson last on the circulation.

      12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 12th September 2011

M. Ball gave his apologies for this meeting

NOB meeting closed at 8.45pm


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