8th November 2010 Minutes

MINUTES of MEETING held on 8th November 2010
PRESENT C.Cook(Clerk), H. Longman, J. O’Leary, S. Hannant , J. Berry, L. Chenery, P. Jackson , W. Kemp (District Councilor) and A. Tomkinson (County Councillor)
MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGS held on 11th October 2010 were agreed as a true representation of meetings
Proposed by P. Jackson seconded by J. O’Leary.
To receive reports.
H. Longman reported on the Vital Villages seminar she recently attended in the Netherlands. As we are reviewing our Parish Plan the seminar provided some ideas in this respect. Main issues that we still need to address are Road Safety and Youth Inclusion. The system used in the Netherlands is ‘bottom up’ where the catalyst for change and improvements comes from the villages.
The first step (rather than a formal questionnaire) is for the village association members to form informal working groups the results of which are taken to the village at public meetings. Some of the improvements/ changes are achieved by EU funding which we do not seem to have access to.
Her suggested topics for updating our plan were Road Safety, Youth inclusion, environmental sustainability and the micro economy.
There are plans to arrange a series of youth exchanges between countries and the first is between us and Catalonia next summer.
A.Tomkinson introduced the meeting to the ‘The Big Consultation’ a copy of which was provided for inclusion in the distribution envelope. He also commented on the budget cuts and therefore the lack of funding available for Road Safety improvements.
W. Kemp reported on local government spending cuts and the sharing of costs with other local authorities. He also informed meeting of an open day hosted by the developers of a proposed gravel pit at Haddiscoe on 30th November 9am to 8pm in Haddiscoe Village Hall. Clerk to contact Haddiscoe Parish Council and offer support.

R. Hayes has resigned as Tree Warden. Advertise in newsletter? Although she told me we could have some trees and I ordered some she was late and we have no trees this year.
To consider any current requirements with regard to allotments, Playing Field etc
Grant received from WREN (£25,000) for phase 4 of the play area renovation. £7800 still be raised. Fund raising, requests for donations and collection boxes being progressed.
Annual Play Area Inspection reports received and circulated. SNC are not doing 2011 inspections but we can get inspections done in June at this years price through RoSPA. Clerk to progress
To consider CCTV installation. We received some information from Amana Handley regarding a £15,000 pot for grants. Clerk to apply for grant.
Horticultural Club has agreed to maintain Planters. Winter/Spring bedding to be planted this week. This has been financed by the Horticultural Club and monies received from sale of Till provided for community shop. P.Arnold has offered to donate entry fees from his pool competition at the Queens Head to continuation of planting planters
Replacement of damaged fencing on Links Way to be discussed. I have asked for a quote from D. Crisp
Clerk to apply for grants for the next phase (Fence on the pub boundary)
The fencing to the pub boundary will not be available until later in the Year
The draft agreement with the Allotment Assn, regarding Management of the Allotments, circulated with the agenda was agreed. Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by J. Berry.
To consider any outstanding Highway/Footpath matters
No response received re the proposals for 20mph limits on Church Road. Comments by A. Tomkinson in item 4 relate to this situation.
Provision of barriers opposite School gates has been discussed between School and Highways. An arrangement has been made regarding the provision of school land to give appropriate width of pavement.
Complaints regarding damage to verges by Lorries and smells from the Gazes site have been reported.
To include standard clause on light pollution on all applications
The bowls club questioned the construction and positioning of fence to their boundary. This appears to have been resolved.
Comments received that the land sold by Mr Page still appears to be being used for scrap metal processing and that unofficial waste disposal is occurring elsewhere on Low Road to be communicated to the appropriate authorities. Clerk to check with Haddiscoe Parish Council.
Bowls Club questioned the construction and positioning of fence, to their boundary, on the Affordable Housing Development.
C.Cook Photocopies newsletter and ink £40.29
K. Cox Wardens Wages £30.64
NTTVH Hire of Hall £8.50
CPRE Subscription £29.00
SNC Play Area safety inspection £75.20
C. Barber Grass Cutting £550
SNC Dog Bags £33.00
Proposed by S. Hannant seconded by J. Berry that cheque payments be authorised.

The precept requirement for 2011/2012 was discussed. Predicted expenditure and draft budget based on £6000 precept circulated with agenda. Proposed by J. O’Leary seconded by H. Longman that the precept remains at £6000 agreed.
To consider progress of proposals resulting from Parish plan.
This was discussed in item 4. H. Longman to circulate DVD of Vital Villages seminar
Information on disc re frolic has been transferred to scrap book but I currently have a problem with size/readability. J. O’Leary offered help in this respect.
Articles for November newsletter to include, Funds for phase 4 of playing field renovation, Tree Warden vacancy, Trading standards top ten tips for Christmas, Happy Xmas & new year, Vital Villages seminar, etc
To discuss items for possible inclusion on a future agenda. Big consultation to next agenda
12. DATE OF NEXT MEETING 13th December 2010
NOB meeting closed at 8.30pm

SIGNED ……………………………………..DATED…………………….

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