Vacancy for Clerk


Chris Cook who has been Thurlton Parish Council Clerk since 1997 has decided to retire next year in May when there will be Parish Council elections. It would be good if we could appoint his replacement in advance of his retirement to achieve a smooth handover. We therefore ask interested persons to apply in writing or by e-mail to the Parish Council by the end of November 2018.

Currently the Clerk is paid for four hours per week on the NJC salary scale at a point agreed dependant on qualification and experience, reviewed annually.

The job specification includes preparing Agendas for Monthly meetings, attending these meetings and recording the minutes of same. The Clerk is also responsible financial officer which effectively is treasurer of the Council and involves receipt of invoices, preparing cheque lists for Councillors to agree payment at each meeting. Budgeting is part of this job and involves monthly comparisons to budget and preparing annual accounts and predictions to enable Councillors to agreed on the next financial year’s budget and precept.

The Clerk is also involved in the production of the monthly Parish Council newsletter which is inserted into the Raveningham group magazine on a monthly basis (excluding January and August)

Training courses are available for new Clerks as are courses to achieve qualifications, attendance of which will would be paid by the parish council. Chris Cook will be willing to .give as much advice/help as necessary on his approach to the work and is willing to support the new Clerk for as long as necessary or needed.

Please contact Chris Cook (Phone 01508 548391 e-mail for further information or to apply.


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